2020-2021 Basketball Recap: An Interview with Coach Chad Varney

What a season! Trinity wrapped up its 2020-2021 Basketball season on Friday, February 4 and the school is extremely proud of our students’ performance. Both teams played over 15 regular seasons games where they fought hard, played as a team, and never gave up. The sportsmanship and resilience of our teams could not go unnoticed. 

I was able to sit down with coach Chad Varney to gauge his thoughts on the season. Chad Varney was ecstatic about his first season as Trinity’s basketball coach and athletic director. 

“Overall, I am extremely proud of our season. Only those who were here firsthand saw the hard-work put in and the growth that came from that. From start to finish this season was a complete success and all credit to the players.“

Just like all things in life, Varney explained that this season did not go without challenges. Varney explained that unpredictability was the most difficult part of this nuanced season. 

“Yeah, I’d say constantly changing dates and times and then asking others to do the same was not fun by any means. We have a great support system and a lot of understanding people who support our kids. That made transitioning into new things a lot smoother. So, I am very grateful for that.”

Along with the unpredictability of the season, Varney explained that COVID-19 also presented its own set of challenges.

“COVID has been such a nightmare for so many reasons this past year and trying to plan a basketball season isn’t any different. Having to sanitize this, and sanitize that. Making sure everyone wears a mask, everyone gets their temperature taken over and over. We had to cancel things. We had to re-schedule other things. We had to notify parents and teachers and other athletic directors. Rinse, Repeat. Rinse, Repeat. I’m just proud of our team to play whoever they had to, and whenever they had to.”   

Despite the hassle and inconvenience of trying to plan an athletics season during a global pandemic, Varney says the improvement he has seen on the court makes it all worthwhile.

What stands out to me most is how the team came together on the court. They just meshed and communicated well with each other and it was great to see. On the court, I have seen extreme improvement in all aspects of the game. Everything from understanding terminology to developing fundamentals. Countless things have improved night-and-day.” 

Although Varney has seen improvement in almost every aspect of the team, there is still one thing that he would like to see improved going into next season.

“Confidence. We are a very young team. I saw glimpses of it throughout the season which was exciting. Once the players see and believe the things that I do, it’s over for the other teams we play. Our kids are that good.”  

Varney wants everyone to know that there is a lot to be excited about for next season.

“We have a lot of returning players. We’re only losing one senior this year from both of our teams combined. There’s always the possibility of new players moving in too with the way our school is growing. We have extremely smart kids and once it clicks, we’ll just keep rolling along.” 

Varney also praised his team for its maturity and the way they have been battled tested.

“You know, we have a lot of maturity as well. We started 7th graders against defending state champions. Our players will be more prepared than they even realize and with that comes confidence and that confidence will only springboard us further.“

When asked about how Trinity’s values are encompassed in his team, Varney didn’t hesitate to mention the role community and faith has on his team.

“We play for God and each other in everything that we do. We do everything 100%, even if that means failing. We are a humble team that knows what we are capable of. We know how to handle our emotions and carry ourselves. We are a reflection of our school both on and off the court. We are a team that prides itself on representing our great school.”  

Varney had one last message for his team.

“This season was just the beginning of something special. If our team stays dedicated and puts in the work throughout the off-season and we continue to bring forth great effort, next season can’t get here soon enough. Look back at all the people who told you that you couldn’t do it and laugh because they are all wrong. I couldn’t be more proud of them.”  

Congratulations to all of our outstanding athletes on a great year!