What is The Annual Fund?

Trinity Schools’ Annual Fund is to raise money to support the operational budget needed to  deliver an outstanding education to our students. By design, tuition does not cover all of the expenses of a Trinity education; to raise tuition would quickly price the school out of the market.

Gifts made to The Annual Fund benefit every K-12 student in the Trinity community. The Annual Fund is our top fundraising priority and the fundraiser we ask EVERY family to support. Your participation encourages others to give, helps persuade foundations and corporations to invest in our school and sends a message to the philanthropic community that Trinity School makes a difference.

What does The Annual Fund support?

The Annual Fund supports everything that sustains the Trinity School experience, including:
Professional enrichment programs and benefits to attract and retain outstanding faculty and staff.
Cutting-edge, age-appropriate technology education at all grade levels.
Financial aid for deserving students.
Ongoing maintenance of our campus including facilities, gardens, playing fields, and grounds.
Annual gifts allow us the flexibility to respond to unexpected challenges in a timely manner.

Who Contributes to The Annual Fund?

The bulk of dollars raised through Annual Fund come from our Trinity families. We also have strong support from the Trinity Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, grandparents, friends and corporate matching gift programs.

The Case for 100% Parent Participation

Because every family and every child is an important part of our School community, the expectations are that every family makes a gift to The Annual Fund. Every gift makes a difference no matter the amount. It is important to show strong support of Trinity’s annual fund to acquire community and foundation funds. Furthermore, when funding is sought from outside sources for capital campaigns, 100% participation displays strength of financial position and community loyalty.


Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contribution made by their employees. To find out if your company has a matching gift program, please enter your employer’s name below. If you don’t see your company listed, ask your corporate office.

If your company offers a matching gift, please fill out the company form and send it to:
Trinity School
3200 N. Walker
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

What should I give to The Annual Fund?

Annual Fund gifts typically range from $100 to over $10,000 and every family is encouraged, and expected, to give to the best of their ability. The education of your children is very important and we hope that you put Trinity at the top of your philanthropic giving list.

How Do I Make My Annual Fund Contribution?

When you make a gift to Trinity, unlike tuition, Annual Fund gifts are tax-deductible. We will send you a letter of appreciation that will serve as your receipt. If you are writing a check, please make sure to write the check out to “Trinity School”.

All K-12 Trinity families will receive an Annual Fund package in the mail by November. A remittance envelope will be provided for you to return your gift.

An easy way to give to The Annual Fund is to setup a monthly payment through your bank that pays in the amount you can afford monthly. Giving in this manner allows you to set the frequency of payment, amount of the gift, and the time of the month the gift is given. Recurring payments you incorporate into your monthly budget add up to a big annual gift without significant impact to your budget.

May I Choose Where I Want My Gift to Go?

The goal of Trinity School is to provide an exceptional educational experience for every K-12 student. All Annual Fund Gifts will support the entire K-12 community. You may make a contribution separate from your Annual Fund Gift that may be directed to the area of your choice.