Engaging Learning at Home: How to Celebrate the 100th Day of School

One of our elementary students’ most exciting school milestones is celebrating the 100th day of school!! This year, our 100th Day of school falls on February 2nd. It is always fun for students to decide how to mark this special day. Whether dressing up as a 100-year-old person, attaching 100 different things to their outfits, or bringing 100 special gifts to count and share with their friends, Trinity students show endless creativity. 

Parents often ask for ways to celebrate this event with their children at home. Below are a few ideas on incorporating math, science, and social studies for the 100th Day at home. 

  • Fun with Food: Eat 100 Cheerios or fruit loops for breakfast. Count them out by 5’s or ten’s the night before. Have them lick a piece of candy (i.e. 100 licks of a sucker) or treat. 
  • Play a Game: On the way to school or on the way home, count 100 cars on the way to school. Say #1 black car and # 2 red car and so on. They say the number and describe the car they are seeing. More than one person can play this game.
  • Talk a Walk: See how far you can go in 100 steps, skips, or jumps.
  • Make a Picture: Create an art project with 100 dot stickers or other materials. 
  • Make a T-shirt:  Decorate a T-shirt with 100 of any item on it (i.e. rubber bands, buttons, safety pins, etc.)

For older students

  • Building Legos: Build with only 100 Legos 
  • Fun with Food: Name and write 100 desserts 
  • Research Facts: Research together what state has the most centenarians, how many in each state, and how many in the United States. Research how many celebrities are currently 100 years old. Research celebrities have lived to be 100. Research fashions from 100 hundred years ago.

No matter what you do, have fun learning the different ways you can celebrate your student’s 100th day of school! Be sure to send pictures of your 100th Day of School to us!

Written by Norma Morton

Mrs. Morton has taught for over 39 years and currently teaches 4th and 5th grade at Trinity School. We are blessed to have her as part of our team!