Fun Ways to Engage Learning While You’re on the Go!

We get it. Life is busy. Taking kids to school, after-school programs, and athletics while balancing a job and caring for your family is a lot. Finding creative ways to engage learning for your student is not often at the top of the priority list. But it’s easier than you think. Here are ideas to engage your students so they learn in fun ways on the go! Fill a plastic Zip Lock bag with sticky notes, a paper pad, a pencil, and colored pencils. Keep a bag for each child, but no crayons because they melt in the Oklahoma heat! When you’re ready, teach your students these games–and watch them learn! 

License Plate Alphabet Game 

While driving in the car, see who finishes the alphabet first by naming the first letter of a license plate from A to Z. For example, say, “I see an A on the red car third letter, I see a B first letter blue card.” This is fun for children of all ages. If you have to stop, have them write their name and the last letter called on a sticky note posted on the seat in front of them so you can resume the game once you are in the car again

Billboard/Sign Find Game

While driving in the car, find words on the Billboards or signs around town and do the same thing as above. Or, switch it up and pick a word for the day. For example, say, “Today we are looking for nouns–then name a person, a place, or things.” When they call out that noun, give them a point. And play to 10 or 20 points. 

You can also ask:

“How many times today can you find the word THE?” OR  “How many pictures of a burger can you find?”

For all of these games, use a sticky note or keep a small pad of paper to count and add them up before you get out of the car.

Rhyming Game

Play the Rhyming Game. For example, say a word like cat and have each person find a rhyming word. Then, use those words to make a rhyming sentence. See how many rhyming sentences you can make before you get home. 

I SPY Game                                        

A favorite car game many of us have played is I SPY. Have one person spot something inside or outside the car and repeat the line with a clue: “I spy with my little eye, something that is blue.” Then, everyone else takes turns trying to guess the mystery item. The 1st one to correctly guess is the next one to take a turn. 

Name that Number Game

While driving in the car, play the Name that Number game. First, decide if you will add, subtract or multiply. Then, when a vehicle passes, call out the digits on the license plate, and the players in the car will race to make an equation. For example, if the number on a passing license plate is 352, the first person to work out 3 × 5 × 2 and say “30” gets a point. If you chose adding it would be 3+5+2 =10. This game never gets boring! Play to 10-20 points depending on traffic and the length of your trip.

Other Fun Games on the Go
  • MAD LIBS: Print our Mad Libs to complete for free.
  • WOULD YOU RATHER: This is a game to communicate with your upper elementary and middle schoolers in a fun way –and you might be surprised by their answers! 

Visit ids/ for fun ideas.

No matter what you decide to do, it will create a fun way to engage learning in a new way with your student! So, give it a try! And remember the wisdom of Dr. Seuss, “The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Mrs. Morton has taught for over 39 years and currently teaches 4th and 5th grade at Trinity School. We are blessed to have her as part of our team!