What’s Up with Summer Up!? Intensive and Day Camp

Right now, many parents are wondering what the summer of 2020 will look like.  While kids climb the walls and look for things to do, they continue to evaluate options that stimulate their kids, while keeping them safe.  For several years, Trinity School has hosted the Summer Up! Intensive and Day Camp and as you’d expect, we do things a little differently! Our Summer Intensive and Day Camp is a mini-crash course in supporting your child’s individual learning style plus all the same fun perks of a classic day camp.  This year’s camp sessions will be the same as the past, but with common-sense social distancing, daily disinfectant protocols, and vigorous hand-washing included. With our campers safety top of mind, we plan to make way for loads of Summer Fun!

Students enrolled in our program spend their mornings learning a highly-individualized curriculum in math and science, then spend their afternoons playing, crafting, and taking awesome field trips. Using proven, research-based methods, Trinity School teachers identify exactly what struggles a student has in school through ongoing testing and assessments.   Then, they design a tailored program that helps them improve!

What makes the impact of our summer intensive so… intense is the ongoing guidance throughout the following school year. Even if they aren’t Trinity School students, each teacher your child works in the summer helps your child understand her or his own learning style, and families receive recommendations for their continued success. It’s even common for the teachers in the summer program to collaborate with students’ schoolteachers the following year, to pass on what they learn about each student’s needs. Often our program helps teachers figure out if a student needs formal testing or diagnosis.

An average day in Trinity’s summer intensive starts with about an hour of reading therapy, about an hour of math practice, and time dedicated to assessments and adjustments in the students’ tracks. It’s hard work, but don’t worry; we spend all afternoon having fun!

At Trinity, we work hard and we play hard!  Every day is a different adventure!  Outdoor picnics, hands-on science experiments, and field trips are a daily experience.  Each year, the school brings in groups to give demonstrations and workshops. Sports teams and robotics teams are examples of past summers. We get rave reviews for the Annual Water Play Day, where each kid gets a soaker and then gets turned loose on a field of sprinklers and slip-n-slides.

Here’s a little secret about the importance of play: it’s educational too. For many kids who come to Trinity School, the chance to develop social skills with other kids who think differently and learn differently  is incredibly valuable to their growth.

Trinity School at Edgemere opens up this summer program to just about everyone. There is no need to apply, and students needn’t be currently enrolled at Trinity. We serve all students, kindergarten through high school.. This year Trinity is hosting two sessions of the Summer Up! program.

The reward for each student’s hard work is continued success in academics.  We ask that families be direct about how their child struggles in school; the sooner we identify a student’s needs, the sooner we can help.

For more information about the Summer Up! program, or about Trinity School in general, please call (405) 525-5600 or email admissions@trinityschool.org. Because our program prioritizes small groups and small class sizes, spots are limited. And, in the event that we are required to cancel our camp sessions due to COVID, a full refund will be issued. Sign up soon!