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Serving children with learning differences

Serving children with learning differences

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Metro Family Magazine Feature

Metro Family Magazine Feature

Trinity was recently featured with a piece in a local magazine! Click here to check out the article.
Division Heads Deana Huff, Becky Edmonds and Shelli Thomas have worked together to help settle Trinity’s students into its new location while developing online classroom tools and innovative ways to teach.

Trinity School
Trinity School
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Tailor-made Education

Trinity offers K-12 programs in a traditional school environment. Our diverse, research proven methods are delivered in small class sizes and are tailor-made for each student.

Founded in 1961

We are proud to have served several generations of students throughout our history. We are OKC’s only school dedicated specifically to children with learning differences.


Our expert, credentialed faculty maintain the highest level of level commitment to teaching, learning and continuous improvement for each of our students. The school is accredited by NCA (North Central Association of Colleges and Schools) and ICAA (International Christian Accrediting Association).

Safe and Nurturing

Trinity educates students with learning differences, each according to their specific needs, and we do it in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Average Class Size

Trinity School offers highly specialized education plans in small class sizes designed to accommodate students with multiple learning styles.

Tech Enabled


One to one mobile devices for K-12th. Technology based accommodations are available to students throughout their academic experience.


Number of years educating students in OKC metro area.

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