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Program Overview

Trinity School recognizes how truly unique each learner is and we strive to meet the individual needs of each student. Using proven, research-based teaching methods, progressive technologies and highly individualized learning plans, Trinity provides a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for continued academic success. We work with parents to develop positive, holistic developmental outcomes for students across three focus areas: academic, spiritual, and social.

Trinity School’s philosophy of recognizing the individual learning needs of each child has allowed us to successfully meet the needs of students with mild to moderate learning differences. Our educators carefully track the successes and struggles of each student and then build upon the skills and information learned in the previous year. Each course covers a wide range of material in each of the core curriculum areas of mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science.

Small class sizes and a commitment to honor various learning styles augment Trinity’s academic programs. Our experienced teachers utilize multi-sensory instructional techniques and assess our students progress on a regular basis to deploy intervention as needed.

Our curriculum includes Take Flight Reading Therapy, Structured Language Basics, Multi-sensory Math, History, Science, Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education, Organizational Skills, and Life/Social Skills at every grade. Our curricula utilizes iPads and other assistive technology that have proven successful in helping our students achieve their fullest potentials.

Trinity Experience

Our trained educators work with students to deliver our unique multifaceted curriculum designed to develop positive, holistic developmental outcomes for students across three focus areas: Social, Academic, and Spiritual.  Students have the instruction, guidance, and autonomy to reach their fullest potentials academically and socially. Areas of Instruction include:

  • Self-advocacy
  • Social skills
  • Character development
  • Physical fitness
  • Organization & study skills
  • Fine & gross motor development
  • Reading Therapy
  • Reading and Language Arts
  • Fully Accredited by NCA
  • Religious Education 
  • Weekly Chapel
  • Accredited by ICAA

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Trinity’s athletic programs enable our students to be spiritually strong, academically sound, socially thriving, and physically disciplined so they can reach their fullest potential.  

Our coaches teach the importance of hard work in real-world situations and offer a positive outlet for students to learn how to work in teams and learn new skills.  

Our Varsity Programs include Boys and Girls Basketball, Track and Field, Cross Country, and Cheerleading. Students in grades 8th-12th are able to participate regardless of skill level.  

Students in K-8th can participate in our CGSAA league which is formed with students of other private schools in the Oklahoma City metro area. 

Learning Differences

Trinity School’s proven academic programs support K-12 students with diagnosed learning differences. A learning difference often manifests as a student’s inability to learn, concentrate and participate in traditional classroom settings.   Trinity’s specialized social and academic multisensory curricula serves students with a wide variety of learning differences, ranging from anxiety, ADD, and ADHD, to clinically diagnosed learning disabilities, including dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and autism spectrum disorder.

Students entering Trinity School must have a diagnosed learning difference, and most receive an “Individualized Education Program” (IEP) after a diagnosis of a learning disability or difference. For families who have not had an IEP or diagnosis but you suspect your child might need extra help, Trinity School offers free screenings for some learning differences.

There are a variety of reasons students with learning differences may struggle in a normal school setting. Trinity School offers highly specialized education plans, tailored instruction, reading therapists, math interventionists, small class sizes, spaces for students with sensory sensitivity, expert staff, and a unique curriculum designed to accommodate students with multiple learning styles in a traditional school setting.

Trinity School works with the Oklahoma City Metro Community to offer free dyslexia screening. To learn more, click below.

Free Dyslexia Screening

Free Dyslexia Screenings are available for any and all students

Dyslexia screening is performed quarterly
by Certified Academic Language Therapists.

Space is limited – By appointment only

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